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Chemical Recycling: A Dangerous Deception

This report from Beyond Plastics and IPEN debunks the plastic industry’s claims that chemical recycling, also known as “advanced recycling,” will play a significant role in reducing global plastic pollution. In fact, the science and data outlined show that chemical recycling has failed for decades and will not contribute significantly to resolving the plastics crisis. The report exposes chemical recycling as an industry ploy to support the ongoing expansion of plastic production while causing unacceptable levels of environmental and social harm and impacts on human health, through emissions, waste generation, energy consumption, and contaminated outputs.

Download the summary and the full report below.

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In 2023, the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) produced a so-called ‘cradle to gate’ life cycle analysis of plastic waste pyrolysis (plastic chemical recycling), funded by the chemical industry association, the American Chemistry Council. IPEN Technical Advisor Lee Bell, author of “Dangerous Deception” developed a critique of their paper. Click the link below to read the critique of the ANL study.

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